Back at work after my winter break

Posted by on January 7th, 2013  •  0 Comments

I had an awesome trip to Jtree. I’m not going to post pictures here, it’s too much trouble. Rather, they are on my main website.

Since returning, I’ve been working at refining the painting in my back bedroom. I’m hoping I didn’t kill it. Sue didn’t like it when she first saw it down there, and she is a very good judge of what will appeal to a gallery. So I worked it over for a few hours, tweaking this, and taming the sky, which looked like a bad LSD flashback.

We are both still recovering from that trip. It was far too much driving for 2 people. I did it in 28 hours on the way down, but with two of us we shaved 4 hours off that. I was glad I didn’t mount the studded tires. There is no reason when the snow is only 1 hour of the whole trip. As Sue said, you just have to drive slow.


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