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I was hard at work today learning ecommerce on wordpress. It’s a new class for me, which is always fun. I don’t get paid for lesson planning, so I try to take lots of breaks to avoid burnout.  Because I have band practice tomorrow, I decided my break would be some quality time with my 1977 Martin guitar. I got my neck brace for the harmonica, loaded in my C harp and started playing Sweet Carolina, by Ryan Adams.

Not sure why, but I got chills all down my body. Like suddenly all my emotions were at the forefront. It was almost as if I’d been out of touch for a while…too much work probably…and the right side of my brain was suddenly seeing the sunshine again. That kept going for the entire time I was playing. I allowed myself half an hour before going back to work.

I’ve been updating my website with the new photoswipe plugin that I taught my students last quarter. It’s a ton of work: about half an hour a page, and I have 8 pages to update, plus stripping out the custom javascript and css I had written for my previous animated gallery page.

My trip to jtree this year was ok, though I’ve had better. I went down with a partner, which meant I wasn’t able to spend the first few days painting. Climbing was awesome as usual, my favorite new route was High Strung, up in the Wonderland. Weather was iffy this year. We had our warm days, but we lost 2 full days to rain. We climbed every day, but it was only a pitch or two on the rainy days. I hear the reservoirs are full in California, for the first time in 6 years. That’s a good thing for the state, but not so good for climbers needing sunny skies. I need to get back to work. Writing in this blog is fun, but my lesson plans won’t write themselves. This painting is my most recent work, done at Thanksgiving.

Turban Squash Thanksgiving 2016

Turban Squash Thanksgiving 2016