Had better weekends

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I’ve been working on a glidecam/steadicam system for walking with a DSLR video camera. I’m getting close, but my machinist skills are holding me back. I’ve also started working on a DIY glide track slide cam. This last DIY project is coming together faster, though his copper rails seem weak.

I was standing at the Seattle gym Sunday. Marty fell and landed on top of me from about 15 feet up. It wasn’t really L’s fault. There is a lot of rope stretch on high top ropes, and I shouldn’t have been standing under Marty, I know better. I felt a bunch of cracking and popping in my neck as his rear collided with the top of my head. He said it was a glancing blow. He was already coming tight on L’s belay when he hit me, so it could have been much worse. But my neck is not real happy right  now.

Even worse, my son was skiing the trees at Baker Saturday. He had over tightened his bindings for jumping, it was the last run of the day, his partner had already quit, and he was feeling cocky, skiing carelessly through the trees. He hooked a tip in a tree, which stopped him fast since the overtightened binding didn’t release. He tore a bunch of ligaments in his knee, though we won’t know just how bad until he sees an ortho guy tomorrow.

Like I said, we’ve had better weekends. I can tell it’s getting towards the end of the quarter. A few days off will be very nice. I’m looking forward to capturing a lot of video.

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