Good night at Edgeworks gym

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Edgeworks climbing gym

When I got back from vacation I was climbing poorly at the gym . This is typical because climbing outside uses different muscles than climbing indoors on plastic. Last night I was on my third session, and while my hands weren’t much stronger, my overall balance, power, strategy and grace were showing the effects of two weeks of full time climbing.

My moves were sure, powerful and directed to optimize my reach, as in: leading with the hip, crossing through, getting in the zone…all the skills I normally forget about in city living. I was climbing with a new partner, and we were doing the top rope routes. There are some very good TR routes. They feature cerebral climbing, as opposed to just crimpers and muscle moves.

I’m also feeling the urge to paint again. I watched a movie about an art student called Cashback on netflix. It was your typical frustrated young art student film, but with some strange plot twists involving the ability to stop time, and then walk around in the moment while everyone is frozen as in a life drawing class.

The concept was original, but what moved me the most was when his friends set him up with a false gallery interview. He shows up to the gallery with his drawings, only to find his friends had set him up as a prank. He says: “You mean I don’t have an appointment?” The gallery owner says: “No, but as long as you are here, what do you have?” Which leads to a big one man show.

I need to start painting again.


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