55 foot indoor climbing walls

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Seattle Vertical World

Fletch, Sue, Craig, Lisa, Julia and I drove up to the new Seattle Vertical World Indoor rock climbing gym Sunday and Monday. The walls are 55 feet tall, and when you climb up to the top, you feel like you are on a real climbing cliff, not just inside a building in Seattle. Those tall walls make our little gym in Tacoma feel very short indeed. We have lots of fun in Tacoma, but there is no  mistaking the fact that higher walls make for more fun. Plus they have 4 cracks in Seattle which range from a long layback crack, to a handcrack, to an off hands crack and a finger crack.

The cracks are beautifully made and super fun to climb. The finger crack may be the best “all fingers” crack in the state. It is consistently perfect fingers for 55 feet. The lead climbing area is  amazing. They have routes starting at 5.8, and some of the nines go completely horizontal when they reach the ceiling, which means they are longer than 55 feet once you add 12 feet of ceiling climbing. When you fall from up that high and drop into air…it’s scary, but fun. I can’t wait to get back up there. It might be as much fun as going to exit 38, since they are both bolts, and the routes are about the same height.

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