Tacoma Old City Hall painting

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I finished my painting of Tacoma’s Old City Hall. Simultaneously there was a community push to save the old building from neglect and abandonment. I posted my painting on the “save old city hall” page, and the guy who runs it liked it so much he made it his profile image. A week later Tacoma bought the building priced at $4,000,000.  That got me thinking that I need to start an open artist Facebook account to promote my art. My current Facebook account is just for climbing friends…people I know and like personally. I have it locked down tightly for privacy. As a teacher (part time), I try to be careful about my professional image. But that does not serve me well as an artist. I will work on that.

Here is the painting. It took me three Friday afternoons to finish it. Below it is my latest Nisqually painting. This is the first time I’ve painted down there in oils.

Tacoma's Old City Hall

Tacoma’s Old City Hall

Nisqually Delta, 9 x 12 oil on board

Nisqually Delta, 9 x 12 oil on board

I’ve got 3 hours in a new painting of Stadium High School, which I will post later.