Working Weekend – writing another textbook

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I’d hoped to get out for a day of climbing this weekend, but couldn’t find a date. Turns out that was a good thing. It forced me to stay home and work on lesson plans. I created 22 new pages of content for my web classes.

I’m writing these from scratch, and the finished product looks like a book. Pictures and arrows, numbered pages and bulleted lists.

I did not want to create entirely new curriculum, but of the 3 books I purchased on Responsive Design, HTML 5 and CSS 3, none were suitable for use in a college classroom.

On the plus side, I love to create things, and writing textbooks is very creative. By the time I’m finished, I will have written a unique 100 page text book that I can use for a few years…until the web changes again.

Smoke Bluffs climbing

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Climbed at the Smoke Bluffs for 2 weeks with James. Chris and family, Ritchie and Karen joined us for 2 days. By day 14 it was starting to feel more like work, despite the fact that I was at the top of my form. The aches and pains, split and bleeding fingers, scraped shins were taking the fun out of the awesome climbing…and I missed Sue.

I’ve already written an anotated trip report on fbook, so this is going to be just pictures.


J. is a neurosurgeon, and leads 10c thin fingers.

Skywalker Traverse - may the force be with you...

Skywalker Traverse - may the force be with you...


Deidre, 5.8 slab and finger jams

This lady and her husband were taking turns holding their 8 month old baby.

The trip is over when there are too many bandaids to climb