House Calls

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I was opening a package recently and couldn’t find a razor blade. I’ve not been sleeping all that well, so my mind was not as ‘sharp’ as it needed to be.

I stuck my finger into the box of razor blades and couldn’t get one out. In frustration, I pushed harder than necessary and discovered that, while they are wrapped in cardboard, they are still very dangerous.

I pulled my thumb out of the box to find a quarter inch deep cut. I had almost cut a lima bean sized chunk off the end of my thumb. I sent a picture to someone and he said it was probably ok…but…well, eventually he decided to come over.

He showed up with some fancy stuff and we got it all sorted out. It’s 10 hours later and it hasn’t hurt or bled since he left. Hopefully I’m in the clear.

As he was leaving, I said to just send me the bill…”You take Premera right?”  He just smiled and waved. Earlier he commented that it would have run about $500 at a doctors office. Sue had wanted me to go to Prompt Care…but with this pandemic that seemed unwise. I’ve had worse flappers 7 pitches up hard routes in Yosemite.

When it first happened I needed some help finding bandages because it was bleeding so bad. I looked all over for Sue. Finally I saw her across the street talking to the neighbor. I walked out holding a huge bloody paper tower.

She saw me coming and said: “Oh God, OMG, what did you do?”

If I had to do a Root Cause Analysis, I’d have to say that we need to keep retractable razor knifes handy. I’ve got 5 of them in various places, but the only one handy had a dull blade. I also usually keep a few razor blades on the window sill. We use them for trimming stuff. Sue apparently thought I never used them and threw them away a week ago.

It was totally my  fault for being impatient.

In other news, I’ve been doing some unusual rube goldberg plumbing. I’m not ready to talk about it yet, but it seems to work great.

The package in question was a Breville food processor. I’ve waited six months to buy one. They are expensive and I’ve been getting by fine without one, cutting raw vegetables for my primarily vegan diet. But now that I’m working…and I have a little spending money…it seemed like a good time to invest in a processor.

Today I discovered that new external hard drives  work on PC’s by default, but not on Macs. To get one to work (read and write) on both operating systems, you have to do quick format on a PC and choose the  exFAT file system. Other options are NTFS, HFS+  and FAT32 but only exFat works on both OS’s. This took me at least an hour to figure out. But I guess it’s all in a days work.


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