Programming in JavaScript

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I’ve been studying JavaScript full time for a month. Sounds boring, but it’s something that should help make me a more valuable programmer. I take lots of breaks as they say it’s not healthy to stare at a computer for too long. I run downstairs for more coffee, walk out to the shed to do pull ups, do my 50 daily sit ups, or pedal my schwinn airdyne for a lunch break.

I like the way JavaScript blends my existing web knowledge with dynamic functionality. I was working on a calendar lesson that dynamically populates a calendar with the correct number of days in a month. I didn’t like the example in the lesson because they had 4 days in a week, which was just dumb.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the latest trends and remembered that css grids could make a nice calendar. Here it is, with the code down below. I also added in a random color generator for the days. Click a day, and the background color of that list item will change.

The relevant html:


The important css:


The JavaScript:


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