OOP studies and a sold painting

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Crooked River Smith Rocks

Crooked River Smith Rocks SOLD

I spent today working through my first Object Oriented Programming exercise in JavaScript. Actually, I spent 2 hours of the day framing a painting for a climbing friend. We met at Jtree, and she came to the house and fell in love with this painting. She picked it up today, and I went back to programming. The code below will only work if it’s in  a script tag embedded in the <body> element. Then you go to the developer tool console of the browser. Finally, you type person1.bio() and press enter.

It will trigger an alert box that says: “Bob Wayno is 35 years old. He likes music, knitting, skiing, climbing, painting, inventing, and sewing. Shoe size is: 15 and their favorite color is orange.” OOP programming is a stepping stone towards some of the higher end languages I plan to pursue, such as React, AngularJS and Node.js.

If this sounds like a bunch of geek speak move on to the next blog entry. I posted it here because I want to be able to search for it later, and read the code with syntax highlighting. I’m building up some code libraries of my own to refer back to.


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