Custom HTML5 video player controls

Posted by on February 22nd, 2018  •  0 Comments

We had an inch of snow today. I took a brisk walk around the block on the sunny, but slippery sidewalks before getting back to work programming.

Yesterday our exercise was to remove the default html5 video player controls, then substitute a handbuilt controller. As an added challenge, they asked if we could program in a clickable playhead. They gave us a couple clues, but thinking it through was a  brain squeezer. There was a 190 pixel wide area where the progress bar walked across as the video played.

Somehow that area needed to become clickable. When clicked, the video should play at that percentage. Meaning, if you click half way across the progress bar area, the video should jump to the halfway point.

I can’t post the video here in WordPress without a lot of trouble from width properties. So instead I’m linking to it here as an external page. But the code is shown below. The magic in the  clickable progress bar is on line 157: function jumpTo(e){…}

My solution isn’t a true draggable playhead, but it does at least navigate, and displays a nice red bar when clicked.


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