Painted Old City Hall today

Posted by on May 2nd, 2015  •  0 Comments

I got back to Old City Hall today. I last painted there in 1997. Building is still there, though it’s closed up for repairs. Who knows if it will ever re-open. Fortunately it’s still as much fun to paint as ever. I had a number of people tell me my painting was going well. Even the postman walking by on his rounds made some encouraging comments. People seem want to root for an artist. We are so thin on the ground…I guess they know how hard it can be. I will need to go back at least once more. I got about 25% done, though that does include the hardest drawing, which I did in vine charcoal. Vine is way better than pencil. It wipes off, and mixes in with the oil much better than pencil. I have the top fully painted, it looks great actually. I’m working out the shadowed side color scheme. Not sure how that will play out, but looking forward to round two. It’s about time I had an oil painting go well outside. I had a bunch of them go badly…but I knew I just needed practice to get better.

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