Gitzo Mountaineer Grub screw

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Add a grub or set screw to your Gitzo!

I bought a Gitzo Mountaineer GT0531. It is an awesome tripod at 1.6 pounds, but it doesn’t have  grub screw. This means there is no way to lock down the ball head, or any other head you might want to put on it, like a light weight video head.

I bought it to shoot video while rock climbing. The video head and other attachments are heavy enough, I have to have a stable shooting platform, and it has to be light enough to lead climb with it all on my back.

I noticed that the tripod top plate is already drilled, but not tapped. I drilled a new hole, tapped it for one quarter twenty threads, and now I have a grub screw to lock down my ball head, or in my case, to lock down my cheeseplate. Pictures follow, they are self explanatory.


Amazing quality on this tripod!


Fletch plays the guitar

Fletch plays the guitar

I play the harp in the moonlight, photo by Craig.

I play the harp in the moonlight, photo by Craig.


Craig drilling on Fletches new route

Craig drilling on Fletches new route

I’ve been working most weekends with 2 exceptions all quarter. My textbook is up to 200 pages as of tomorrow. I’d hoped to climb tomorrow, but I broke the website.

This book can be very frustrating. I thought I knew how to do something (external js file), but when I tried it, I got a major javascript breakdown.

Before I can write the textbook pages I have to be certain what I am explaining will work for my students. When I break it badly, my writing stops dead while I figure it out.  Two more weeks to the quarter break. I am so looking forward to relaxing.

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