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I’ve bounced back into video. I took two sound recorders and 3 video cameras down to dads and recorded a live interview of he and I talking about  family history.

I did three 10 minute segments. In each segment, I created 5 files:

  1. Canon 7D video *.mov
  2. Canon T3I video *.mov
  3. Sony RX-100 video *.mts (AVCHD)
  4. Tascam DR-40 audio *.wav
  5. Zoom H4N audio *.wav

I also had two studio lights and 3 tripods. And I had no help at all. Lisa and Sue were there, but they left to go shopping, so it was just me and dad.

I knew I’d mess up something and it turned out to be the white balance, and a memory card that was too small, both in the Canon T3i. It was a borrowed camera. I’d never used it before. I’d set the white balance to tungsten for stills, but you have to set it separately for video…who knew?

And the card was too small. It maxed out on the third video.

I spent all day Saturday editing video. Man, I need a faster computer if I’m going to get serious about DSLR video. These 1920 x 1080 video files are huge! My poor old laptop takes 4 hours to render a 8 minute video. Thats rendering it out to 1280 x 720.

All the numbers in video are confusing. 1080p, 720p, megabits per second, progressive vs interlaced. I have very little idea what it all means.

We skied Stevens today (Sue, me, Lisa and Tim). The snow was just barely ok. I climbed at Vantage last weekend with Ritchie, Laurel and Daphne. For the two weekends before that I climbed at Index one day. I’ve been struggling with a chronic sprain in my bicep. But my ankle is a lot better…almost normal.

At work I’ve been creating a 3 week lesson on animated banner ads in Flash. It’s something I’ve wanted to teach for years, and I just figured out how to do it recently. No one teaches this stuff, or, not targeted and tight like I want it taught. So I recorded it in Camtashia, as 3 one hour lessons. It took me 2 weeks of research and testing to figure it all out, before I could create the lesson.

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