Karate Crack, Smith Rocks

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I led Karate last weekend. It may have been my best effort ever. I hung once at the very top, right before the traverse. I could have run for the anchor, but it’s downhill, and I had to protect my follower. We went down there as a big group from the local gym to celebrate my buddies last trip before his hip surgery.

I’m 63 pages into my new textbook on Web Design, I will post pictures later. I have to write 20 new pages this weekend, and they take an hour a page. It’s 10:30 on Saturday and I haven’t even started. The class will have no lesson if I don’t get this done.

This new version of my textbook is 80 percent new material, and covers html 5, and CSS 3.

Here is a video I recorded on my lunch break about using the Photoshop CS6 healing brush to remove a climbing rope from a photo.

my textbook, cover page






story time after climbing at smith


Lisa following me up karate, photo by Kyle

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