Mark Webster

Front End Developer


I have taught college level front end development, web animation and the Adobe Creative Suite since 2002.

I focus on responsive user interface design that works across all devices and viewports. As an award winning fine artist, I try to program in functionality that not only works, but embraces beauty and refinement.

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Technical Skills


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excel in a team environment and also a motivated self starter
  • An outstanding eye for detail
  • I have a highly developed work ethic: one sick day in the last 8 years
  • Known for the high quality of my work, a near zero error rate, and the integrity & fortitude to stay until the job is done
  • Gifted college teacher, achieved tenure in 2013
  • I am dedicated to learning new technologies. The web is a cool place!


2002 to present

Adjunct Faculty / Freelance

Clover Park Technical College - Lakewood

Adjunct Faculty

Currently I teach the entire range of front end user interface design from beginning HTML5 and CSS3 up through advanced responsive design and the Creative Suite. We build everything from scratch in simple code editors. I also specialize in web animation banners using either jQuery or Greensock libraries.

In the recent past I have taught advanced Photoshop, Illustrator and Object Oriented ActionScript 3. In 2013 I taught DSLR film making. My students made 10 interview videos hosted on the College's YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Most of the classes I teach did not exist before I taught them, which means I had to create all the lesson plans from thin air. Because the classes I teach are out there on the front edge of web design technology, I have to constantly revise them.

By the time a book can be printed on web design, it is already out of date. And sadly, all of the textbooks I have been able to find are not written with my content, classroom and teaching style in mind. Consequently, I've become a textbook writer.

I wrote the schedules, education plan and scope & sequence documents for our department. I assisted my dean in hiring adjunct faculty and mentored them while they learned to teach.

I motivate students of all ages and from very diverse backgrounds to pursue excellence. I teach real life uses of web languages and software, going beyond the "gee whiz" effects into practical application. Students frequently remark that my privately published textbooks are much better than commercially available textbooks. Coordinated with other instructors to assure continuity between classes.

Freelance Web Designer

Design, develop and maintain web sites for clients. Work includes making cold calls, writing contract bids & billing, interface design, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, tutoring and consulting, Photography, recording client interviews, transcribing and copy writing.

12-2000 to 1-2002

Web Developer

afxcreates - Tacoma

While working at afxcreates, I used Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build and maintain websites for a number of Tacoma, Washington clients, including the US Forest Service. I maintained several large (90 page) corporate websites. Was responsible for uploading files to servers and testing on all platforms.

Was referred to affectionately as the "testing machine" for a meticulous eye, and was called on repeatedly to test and maintain a bug database on several applications under development.

A previous life

Multicolor Press Operator

Various - Puget Sound

I ran printing presses in 9 different shops over my long career including Capital City Press in Olympia, J & D Printing in Tacoma, and Rite in the Rain. I learned to consistently coax high quality printing from multicolor presses regardless of age, make or dampening style. I had an intuitive knowledge of a good dot, a smooth solid and a trouble free color bar. I was known for my ability to run a job right the first time, every time. I still miss printing...


1999 to 2000


Clover Park Technical College - Lakewood

Program included a thorough grounding in the concepts, software and hardware involved in the creation of sophisticated, reliable web sites.