Stadium High School from the south.  This was 5 visits of 3 hours each to capture the morning light. 16 x 20 oil on board.
Stadium High School
Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier. I'd planned on painting the mountain, but it was hiding, so I painted the old inn.
Paradise Inn, Rainier
The Sandman tugboat at Percival Landing in Olympia, WA. I painted
                    this from the dock 80 feet away on 10-8-17. It is oil on board, 12 x 16
Sandman Tugboat
Stadium High School painting in pastel. I started this a decade ago and decided recently to finish it for a show.  15 x 20
Stadium High School
This Port Townsend boat yard is very friendly to painters:  no gate and  plenty of room to set up an easel. 12 x 16 oil on board
Boat Repair
The Commencement is a 91 year old fishing boat - purse seiner built in Gig Harbor. It is often moored by the Tacoma Glass Museum. I painted it on a sunny Friday while the engine was warming up. 12 x 18 oil on board
Commencement fishing boat
Painting of Capital buiding, Olympia, Washington. I painted this during legislative season. There were a lot of people walking around in fancy suits. I thought I'd get kicked out, but the State Patrolman was one of my nicest visitors. 12 x 16 oil on board
Olympia Capital Painting
This took me two plein air visits and some studio time to finish.
                            It is a crowded place to work, but the tourists were very
                            kind. 15 x 20 Pastel
Kerry Park, Seattle
There is something timeless about lighthouses.
                     I find them to be a peaceful place to work.  9 x 12 oil on board
North Point Lighthouse
This lighthouse is in a former Army base in Seattle. It has miles of cool trails and beaches to explore. 12 x 16 oil on board
West Point Lighthouse
Gig Harbor has an active fishing fleet. There is a quiet dock with a great view for painting. 9 x 12 oil on board
Fishing boat
Bandon is a little seaside town in Oregon. My wife likes the ocean, I like to paint at the ocean. 12 x 18 pastel
Bandon Lighthouse
First Presbyterian Church, Tacoma. This church is in old town Tacoma by Wright's Park. There is a quiet little park in the traffic island to paint. 15 x 20 pastel SOLD
First Presbyterian 1997
This church is in old town Tacoma by Wright's Park. I made friends with some homeless people while I painted. 15 x 20 pastel
First Presbyterian 2012
Tacomas Old City Hall is an amazing building. There is a nice park right across the street perfect for setting up an easel. 12 x 16 oil on board
Old City Hall
Stadium High School in Old Town Tacoma is a building you simply have to see to believe. The inner courtyard is a place of peace and a great place set an easel. I've stood there for countless hours painting. 15 x 20 pastel, SOLD
Stadium High 2002
Stadium High School in Old Town Tacoma. I painted this while standing by the dumpster on the West side of the old structure. It still had moss back in 1997. 15 x 20 pastel, SOLD
Stadium High 1997
Heceta Light painted in 2004. The flies were very bad the day I painted. This painting is available as of 2021. Pastel 15 x 20 inches
Heceta Light
Point Roberts Vashon Island Lighthouse
Pt. Roberts