Film crew in Studio A

Film crew in Studio A - These are my students in 2014 filming a two person interview. We had set up 3 point lighting and were running 3 Canon T4i's with synchronized sound coming from lavalier microphones into a Zoom H4n.

Filmed in 2018. I wanted to brush the rust off my filmmaking skills. Sue and I had been practicing duets together but it sounded better when I played both the guitar and harp, along with her ukulele. This was recorded in two takes, then blended together in Premiere.
I volunteered my video students as a film crew to promote the college. Here we are interviewing Brenda about the Sustainable Building Science program. Their assignment was to set up three point lighting on both subjects, rig them with lavalier microphones, and record double system sound using two DSLR cameras. During the next class I taught them how to edit the video feeds and sync the sound in Adobe Premiere.
Bringing in talent for my students to practice on was a constant challenge. Fortunately my bosses were very supportive and put the word out that we wanted real work. The CNISS program is trying to bring more women into the IT field. They had a panel discussion in our TV studio. We had 4 DSLR cameras: 2 for close up, one wide angle, and me running my Canon 6D on a rolling tripod with a zoom lens. We ran the 4 lavalier audio lines into our control booth where we had a 24 track Zoom R24 Digital Multi-track Recorder. This was their final that quarter. I did this edit myself.
This was a really fun day. My students were hustling talent from total strangers outside our building. They would walk right up to the crowds of college students out in the plaza and ask them if they wanted to be on YouTube. We filmed 19 students that day and had the process down to a science. We were running two side by side studios with two or three cameras in each studio. I was running the full frame Canon 6D on the three quarter view. Mackenzie Morris did the final edit on this series of about 10 videos. I got her a paid internship doing the closed captioning work. She is a brilliant editor.
I love to shoot Macro Photography. When my son took up beekeeping I brought over two cameras, a macro lens and my Tascam DR-40 digital audio recorder. The closeups of the bees are downright creepy. I was glad he had an extra beekeeper suit.
I had been reading that you need a script to make a good short film. I came up with this idea to make a video about keys, and the role keys play in our lives. I know...dumb idea. But it was fun practice. I did everything on this one, including playing guitar on the audio track. My wife, a student and some friends helped me film a couple of the short clips where I am on camera. I hand built the slider used in the truck-ins.
My son is a nurse and my wife acts as his dog walker when he is working long shifts at the ER. I wanted to shoot some video outside. I took my gear out on our favorite hike around Point Defiance.
This was one of my first couple multi-camera shoots. I had 3 cameras and two Zoom H4N audio recorders, plus a bunch of lights. I learn by doing, and this one was great practice. Dad was always after me to come down and spend more time visiting. He loved all the technology...but mostly I think he simply enjoyed spending time with me. Little did we know we would loose him a couple years later. He was a great man.
Rock climbing isn't just for young people, though us old guys are rare. Craig and my son grew up together and I taught them both to climb. Craig is naturally much better than me now...youth matters in rock climbing. But we still get out and climb together. Seems I'm always climbing with people in their twenties and thirties. I filmed this while hanging from the rope at the top of the cliff. I had to use After Effects on one of the clips to stabilize my jerky camera handling.
Craig and I climbed to the top of a rock in Joshua Tree with a banjo. Or rather, Craig brought the banjo, I brought the camera. People down on the ground could hear the music, but they couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. We had quite a crowd standing down below the cliff listening to music coming from the sky. I have some photos of the climb up to the top over on my photography page.