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Resume of Qualifications
Resume :Interfaces:URL's:Flash:Photoshop:Illustrator:inDesign
Mark Webster
Gig Harbor,
Telephone: (253) 884-4785
NOTE: I am currently developing a *new site*, you can view it's progress here.    
OBJECTIVE: Web Designer - Full Time or Contract
  • Excellent communication skills with an upbeat, can-do outlook
  • Excels in a team environment and is also a motivated self starter
  • Speaks fluent Photoshop, Imageready, Flash, Illustrator and inDesign
  • Works comfortably in both Notepad and Dreamweaver
  • PHP/MySQL - moderate skill level, see my email form
  • An Outstanding eye for detail
  • Possesses a rare ability to think logically and creatively at the same time
  • Has a highly developed work ethic. Twenty five years of continuous employment in the high pressure printing industry has taught him the value of showing up everyday, on-time with a positive attitude. Known for the high quality of his work, a near zero error rate and the integrity and fortitude to stay until the job is done.
  • Gifted software instructor. Able to explain complex processes in ordinary English.
1/02 to present Technical College Adjunct Faculty / Freelance Web Designer
  Clover Park Technical College
Tacoma, Washington

Teach both beginning and intermediate levels of Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and traditional Drawing to students in the 2 year Media Design Degree program.

Created curriculum for classes, many of which had not been taught before (Intermediate Flash, Intermediate Illustrator, Intro to Dreamweaver, Character Animation and Basic Drawing). Motivated students of all ages to pursue excellence. Lectured on real life uses of software, going beyond the "gee whiz" effects into practical application. Students frequently remark that his tutorial handouts are written far better than the classroom textbooks. Coordinated with other instructors to assure continuity between classes.

Freelance Web Design
Design, develop and maintain web sites for clients.
Work includes making cold calls, writing contract bids, interface design, XHTML, JavaScript, tutoring and consulting, recording client interviews, transcribing and copy writing. Responsible for recruiting and supervising teams of paid student interns.

Client list:

12/00 to 1/02 Web Designer
  Artifex Business Identity Development
Tacoma, Washington

Designed interfaces in Photoshop, Imageready and Flash. Brought images into Dreamweaver and wrote rock solid HTML, CSS and Javascript that enabled correct display in all browsers, versions 4.7 or higher and all operating systems including Macintosh.

Developed a reliable technique for converting multi-page Word documents into browser safe HTML. Created some innovative, but very reliable HTML that displays pinline borders on complex shaded data tables and actually improves on the appearance of customers original Word documents. Was responsible for uploading files to servers and testing on all platforms.

Responsible for maintaining several large (90 page) corporate sites. Automated the process of changing drop down layer based navigation links site wide using Dreamweaver's Library function.

Was referred to affectionately as the "testing machine" for a meticulous eye, and was called on repeatedly to test and maintain a bug database on several applications under development. Responsible for reading “Scope of Work” documents and comparing progress of the applications (JSP and Shockwave) to specifications. Updated bug databases and created Word documents with screen shots illustrating functionality issues. Worked closely in a team environment with several JSP programmers, editing and creating the graphic user interface and html elements of a JSP application that allows time management tracking over the Internet.

5-00 to 7-00 Web Design Intern
  Dynamics in Design
Tacoma, Washington
Given customer approved artist mockups of web sites. Built interfaces and wrote the HTML to turn the conceptual artwork into working web pages. Primary focus was on utilizing complex tables and Cascading Style Sheets to control and display content over multiple linked pages.
1975 to 12-00 Journeyman Multicolor Press Operator
  Various shops in Puget Sound, most recently J & D Printing in Tacoma. Has learned to consistently coax high quality printing from multicolor presses regardless of age, make or dampening style. Has an intuitive knowledge of a good dot, a smooth solid and a trouble free color bar. He is known for his ability to run a job right the first time, every time. For reference purposes, the Press Operator resume is here.
9/99 to 9/00 Web Design and Development
1 year Technical Certificate
Clover Park Technical College
Tacoma, Washington
Grade Point Average 3.97 (while working swing!)
Program included a thorough grounding in the concepts, software and hardware involved in the creation of sophisticated, reliable web sites. Software studied included: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand, Powerpoint and Publisher. Other areas of study included Photography, Public Speaking, Psychology in the Workplace and Technical Math.
1975 Offset Reprographics
1 year Technical Certificate
Clover Park Technical College
Learned the skills to enter printing industry.
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Resume :Interfaces:URL's:Flash:Photoshop:Illustrator:inDesign

NOTE: this is my old site and is no longer maintained. My new site is here.

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