I learned Photography from my father, who worked as a newspaper reporter for many years. My latest camera is a Canon G5. I also own several Pantax SLR's from the 1970's era and a Speed Graphic 4x5 (Korean war model).

Favorite Photograpy quote: "It's not the camera, it's the mind behind the camera."

Self portrait, Canon G5  macro taken with Canon G5, Warning: High res-256k Close up of Sue's new bike. Flea market still life
Clint paddling off Boston Harbor Clint in his Kayak my son graduates from high school Ski tracks in deep powder
Sue, Smith Rocks, 1983 Sue at Lover's Leap Mark L. and Sue on Summit of Liberty Bell My Martin and I, 1979
garden globe-large file- 300K Sue on Half Dome, 1984 Clint raiding the fridge, 1987 Sue on top of the Tooth
Elephant Rock, Rialto beach Paul on Vesper Peak Christmas Eve, JoshuaTree. Sue and I in an igloo
from Sue's garden Trinidad, California Trinidad, California Wedding Rock, Trinidad, California
Trinidad head summit Trinidad Head from Luffenholtz Beach Bandon, Oregon Bandon, Oregon

NOTE: this is my old site and is no longer maintained. My new site is here.

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