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Macro Photography

Close up insect photos

Canon Macro 100mm 2.8

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red dragonfly
  • red dragonfly
Flash Slideshow of recent macro photos
  • water drops
green and orange bug
  • green & orange
light cells in a bugs eye
  • vision cells
  • grasshopper
beetle from the Theler Wetlands
  • brown beetle
frog from the Theler Wetlands
  • miniature frog
Orange monster bees from the Belfair Theler Wetlands
  • orange monster bees
chambers creek draqon fly
  • Dragonfly
bee in pink flowers
  • Honey bee
  • red beetle fly
blue draggonfly
  • Dragonfly
My first dragonfly
  • Dragonfly
This bug looks like he is wearing irridescent armor
  • Iridescent Armor
he seemed to be examining me
  • Have we met?
dew drop close up
  • dew drop
furry bee
  • furry bee
bee on a pollen hunt
  • pollen hunter
Poison ivy in Leavenworth
  • poison ivy
furry spider on a sunny day
  • furry spider
bee at the office
  • big eyed bee
Harmonica and wooden statue
  • Blues Harp
Water bags on the Narrows Bridge
  • Narrows Bridge
Flea market still life
  • Goose
Clint paddling off Boston Harbor
  • Boston Harbor
Sue, Lover Leap, 1983
  • Lovers Leap
Sue, Lover Leap, 1983
  • Sue & I, 1983
Sue, Smith Rocks, 1983
  • Smith Rocks
Sue hiking the Half Dome cables in Yosemite
  • Half Dome cables
Macro photo of fabric
  • Macro Fabric
Macro photo of winding knob on wristwatch
  • Macro watch
  • tulips 1
  • tulips 2
Catwalk lights on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge at night
  • Narrows Bridge
Construction on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge at night
  • Narrows Bridge


I learned Photography from my father, who worked as a newspaper reporter for many years. My latest camera is a full frame Canon 6D with a Canon 24-105L lens for everyday use, and a Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro lens for close up bug photography. When I need to get extra close, I attach a Canon 25mm extension tube between the camera and the lens. When I shoot with the macro lens, I use a Canon 430 external flash. For light weight shooting, I own a Sony RX-100 point and shoot. It does a decent job for it's size, but can't compete with the full frame. I used to shoot transparencies of my paintings with a Speed Graphic 4x5, but sold that when Digital Photography improved.

Favorite Photography quote: "It's not the camera, it's the mind behind the camera."

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