Crooked River Smith Rocks Oregon


Crooked River Smith Rocks Oregon, pastel 15 x 20″

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Crooked River,  Smith Rocks, Oregon

Easel set up Smith
Easel set up Smith

I’ve been climbing and painting here since 1978. It is a place of peace. I painted this over the course of two different days. I had gone down without a partner, so for a couple days I worked on one painting in the morning light, and a different one (this) in the afternoon light. It was blowing very hard the second day and I had to tie my easel down to the fence. As I was packing up, a mother who had walked by earlier returned with her son. She asked me if I could show the painting to her son. When I got it out, it was almost ripped out of my hands in the breeze. I was glad I’d painted it on sturdy artist paper.  After that I met a partner and started climbing. I love mixing my passions. This is pastel on Rives BFK paper, 15 x 20″

None of my paintings are framed. Because this one is pastel, you will have to pay a framemaker for the framing, which includes frame, glass and matts. Tell them *not* to spray it with fixitive. A painting of this size can cost between $150 to $400 to frame, depending on framing materials. Materials can be as low as $90 if you know how to frame.  They can also be thumb tacked to the wall…but then they can get damaged by dust and water. Once a pastel is framed under glass, they will last hundreds of years.

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