Pedaled to work

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It’s been sunny so I pedaled to work twice in a row this week. The route is nice because there are sidewalks the entire way. Some of the sidewalks are dirt, but there is at least a raised lip on the pavement, which will hopefully alert a wandering driver that they are leaving the road. Biking to work means you’ve already had your aerobic exercise for the day. Then you get it again on the way home. The route is becoming increasingly familiar as I find all the fastest sidewalks in the 40 minute pedal. Sections that used to seem long now seem easy and short.

I love my old Sekai ten speed. It’s a direct link to my distant childhood. I bought it while I was living in a tent on a farm out in Tenino back in 1972. I had a part time job as a busboy, and another part time job as a printer. Other than my 1967 harmonica…which barely works, that old bike is my oldest possession. Those chromoly frames last forever. It’s been across the Cascades, up Vancouver Island and on many, many dirt roads long before mountain bikes were invented.

I’ve replaced most of the moving parts such as wheels, rear free wheel, rear derailleur, brake lines and countless tires. The frame, handlebars, pedal arms and smaller front sprocket and front derailleur are all original…as is the paint.

V, Alex and Kristi and I all went to Index, Lookout Point last weekend. It’s a great place to get away from the Private Idaho crowds.