OOP studies and a sold painting

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Crooked River Smith Rocks

Crooked River Smith Rocks SOLD

I spent today working through my first Object Oriented Programming exercise in JavaScript. Actually, I spent 2 hours of the day framing a painting for a climbing friend. We met at Jtree, and she came to the house and fell in love with this painting. She picked it up today, and I went back to programming. The code below will only work if it’s in  a script tag embedded in the <body> element. Then you go to the developer tool console of the browser. Finally, you type person1.bio() and press enter.

It will trigger an alert box that says: “Bob Wayno is 35 years old. He likes music, knitting, skiing, climbing, painting, inventing, and sewing. Shoe size is: 15 and their favorite color is orange.” OOP programming is a stepping stone towards some of the higher end languages I plan to pursue, such as React, AngularJS and Node.js.

If this sounds like a bunch of geek speak move on to the next blog entry. I posted it here because I want to be able to search for it later, and read the code with syntax highlighting. I’m building up some code libraries of my own to refer back to.

//constructor class function names are *Capitalized*

/* When an object instance is created from a class, the classes
constructor function is run to create the instance. This is
called instantiation. The object instance is
instantiated from the class. In console type:
//"function Person" is an class (object template)!
function Person(first, last, age, gender, interests, shoeSize, favColor) {
  this.name = {
    'first' : first,
    'last'  : last
  /*the word age on The right side  = what ever string comes
   in from the object instance via the console.person1.bio() command */
  this.age = age;
  this.gender = gender;// gender = Person[3]
  this.interests = interests;

  /*the shoeSize in the parameters listed above Person[5] gets
  replaced with whatever comes in from
  when the object instance  gets used (instantiated)*/
  this.shoeSize = shoeSize;
  this.favColor = favColor;

  this.bio = function() {
    var pronoun;
    var hobbies = '';
    if (this.gender === 'male'){
      pronoun = 'He';
    } else if (this.gender === 'female'){
      pronoun = 'She';
    } else {
      pronoun = 'This person';
    for (let i = 0; i < interests.length; i++)
      if(i === interests.length-1){
        hobbies += 'and ' + interests[i];
      } else {
      hobbies += interests[i] + ', ';
      var myString = this.name.first + ' ' + this.name.last
      + ' is ' + this.age + ' years old. '
      + pronoun + ' likes ' + hobbies + '. Shoe size is: '
      + shoeSize + ' and their favorite color is '
      + favColor + '.';
  };//end bio function
  this.greeting = function(){
    alert('Hi! I\'m ' + this.name.first + '.');
// person1 is an object instance created  from the Person class
var person1 = new Person(
  'Bob', 'Wayno', 35, 'male',
    'knitting', 'skiing', 'climbing', 'painting', 'inventing',
  ], 15, 'orange'
);//end new Person
  if (person1[3] === 'male'){
      person1[3] = 'He';

} else if (person1[3] === 'female'){
           person1[3] = 'She';
  } else {
  person1[3] = 'This person';
  }//end if gender === ?


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