HTML5 To Do shopping list app

Posted by on February 22nd, 2018  •  0 Comments

I’ve been using both Evernote and Wunderlist for years. I’ve built a ToDo list before in jQuery that came close to Wunderlist. It had draggable list items, and delete item checkboxes. But when studying JavaScript, jQuery is considered cheating.

So I was pleased to see this one show up in my latest online lesson. I prettied it up with some style sheets. I’m waiting until later in my studies to figure out how to connect it to a database, hopefully with something like Node.js. For now though, it just works in the browser session memory. It’s cool to make useful things that actually work. This one embedded in WordPress has some extra padding related to WordPress styles, but the direct link outside of WordPress works as intended.

Shopping list

You can also access it here as a direct link outside of WordPress.

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