Finished another quarter

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I’m looking at 2 weeks of freedom. It will be awesome to leave the job behind and just be me, whoever that is. I get lost in my job. Teaching is a lifestyle. To do it well requires so much more than just going to work. Over the 11 weeks I rewrote 2 classes from scratch, and half of another one. The 4th class used a new book I’d never seen before. So basically I had 4 new classes in one quarter. I was working almost every weekend for the entire quarter, developing curriculum.

Plus we were having meetings about a program merge, and reworking both our old program, and the one we were merging into. Out of all that chaos I managed to teach one of my better quarters.  I love teaching new, state of the art materials. But it’s so hard to find them. Impossible in fact, which is why I created 100 new pages of lesson plans from scatch, and 8 new tutorial videos on cartoon animation. You can see the results here in my students pages:

This is Wil’s page.

This is Lois’s page.

I’m extremely impressed with how well these two students did with my new lesson plans. All of my students did well. I hesitate to single any one individual out, as I had about 20 students in the class.  But these two were simply exceptional, and they had never built web pages before. They did those websites in one quarter, working 2 days a week.