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I’ve watched about 15 instructional videos from www.lynda.com on wordpress now and I’m starting to get a fuzzy grasp of wordpress.

It appears to be an online web page builder, that brings in, by default, the ability for my visitors to make comments. This has been one of my main complaints about my old school online journal, which I’ve kept since 1997.

My journal was not interactive, so my readers…all 3 of them :-), could not make comments, and it could not be seen on the internet, because it was locked down with password only access.

I’m coming up on some cool videos that will tell me how to host this wordpress blog on my own domain. I see this as a useful tool for our students. I’ve had several students figure wordpress out on their own, so any knowledge I can gather about it’s functionality will be all to the good.

Me painting the mountain

Me painting the mountain

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