My latest self portrait March 2017. I made the eyes big and left it unfinished intentionally.  12 x 16 oil on board
Self Portrait 2017
I get in and out of portrait painting every few years. This particular model is always handy. The mirror doesn't lie. 12 x 16 oil on board
Self Portrait 2014
My amazing wife Sue. She posed  for about 10 hours over a weekend to make this portrait. 12 x 18 pastel. NFS
My wife Sue
Mindy heard I couldn't find a model and very kindly volunteered to pose for me. She is a climbing friend. 15 x 20 pastel
Dad had been asking me to come visit, so I brought my easel down and did his portrait.
                            I had planned to paint him again oils, but I ran out of time. 15 x 20 pastel. NFS
Dad 2014
Mick is a former student. He works as a film maker and volunteered to pose. 15 x 20 pastel
Mick Flaaen
My first self portrait in a couple decades. 15 x 20 pastel
Self Portrait 2011
I saw this guy in the mirror, it was my first oil painting in 43 years. The colors are all wrong, but somehow it works.  11 x 18 oil on board
Self Portrait 2014
This started as a half hour lesson plan for a drawing class I was teaching in 2005. Two days later and 5 hours in I called it done
Me in pencil
My climbing buddy volunteered to sit for a portrait. It took us two sittings of about 2 hours each.
Climbing buddy