me and my martin in 1979
Me & 1977 Martin
Sue on Intersection Rock
Sue Bat Crack
Loggers ledge Castle 1978
Sue first rope
sue half dome 1981
Sue Half Dome
Us on Boy Scout trail Josh with Clint
Me, Sue, Clint
us skinny ski at Twisp with Lemon
us skinny ski
sue top roping  Classic in 1980-ish
Sue Classic Crack
sue after climbing midway on castle
Sue top Castle
Dads couch in first month of dating
Sue meets the parents
top of half dome
Half Dome
Sue preggers with Clint in Josh
Sue, Craig & me
Snoq pass hike napping
Sue hiking break
Saber ledge castle rock 1979-ish
Saber Ledge beauty
Us on either Prussik or Liberty bell
Alpine climbing
snow in Josh with film camera
Josh snow 1980
skinny ski telemarking at Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge
Everyone has a chance to be young and pretty
Hard body alpine Sue
Pit stop on way to Josh
Big Rock Lake Perris
Rest day Yosemite
Us, rest day Yosemite
Prussik or Liberty Bell
Alpine Sue
Clint & Sue
clint lisa on old love seat
Clint & Lisa