Family unit at our daughters wedding in 2020
Us and our kids
30 second time exposure, New Years eve, top of Chasm of Doom, Joshua Tree
Chasm of Doom
Vladimir with a glow stick. 30 second time exposure, New Years eve, top of Chasm of Doom, Joshua Tree
Glow stick
The sunsets in the desert can be breathtaking when a storm is approaching, Joshua Tree
Desert evening
Friends around the campfire after a long day of climbing
Campfire music
I invent and build phone cases.  Communication for $6 a month on a dumb phone paired with an iTouch wifi phone. And then Republic Wireless and Ting did it better
dumb phone
A friend let me borrow his high end wide angle lens at a party
Wide angle
Lisa at Thanksgiving. She ignores me now when I get out the camera...Oh, that's just dad
My daughter
Clint at Thanksgiving a couple years ago. He has a nice camera of his own now. I hope he carries on the family photography tradition
My son
My friend needed a professional portrait for her business on short notice on a weekend. We met and made it happen
My friend Aaron took this with my Canon 6D up at Squamish on a weekend climbing trip
Mark Webster
Fletch shot with 1.8 aperture for shallow depth of field. We have a little band of friends who play live music every couple weeks
There are some amazing glass sculptures in the bridge of glass over highway 705 in Tacoma
Glass Museum
My hand built video camera slider. It is patterned after the juicedlink slider, which is no longer available
Camera slider
I took my camera to a restaurant and found a pretty candle holder
Candle holder
I had a view camera for 15 years and shot 4 x 5 transparencies of my paintings. Loading film was entertaining
Speed Graphic
My Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro lens shoots excellent closeups. I spent extra time diffusing the light to avoid hotspots
Macro watch
Water droplet photography is a fun way to spend an afternoon. This is a cream drop
Cream drop
With an external flash and a macro lens you can go hunting for insects. I got lucky with this one outside my office
A macro lens lets you into another world. I jumped when this guy turned toward me
Time exposure at Hidden Valley campground in Joshua Tree National Park. Climbers in the space station
Night at jtree