Me succeeding on Karate Crack in 2014 after 20 years of trying. That thing is pumpy. Photo credit to Aaron Short
Karate Crack
Me leading Karate 2014. Photo credit to Aaron Short. He is an awesome photographer
Karate Crack
Chris topping out on Outer space in Leavenworth. We got lost on the way down and didn't get back to the car until 1AM
Outer Space
Chris is super happy. She just found a booty cam. Someone forgot it. We didn't notice the thunderstorm creeping up behind us
Booty cam
Dave following my lead up pitch 3 of Bird on a Wire at jtree in 2013. His next lead took him 20 feet directly above the 2 bolt belay...with no gear
Bird on a wire
Aaron following a delicate 5.8 stem box in Joshua Tree. It's called Hands Off and involves big fists and tricky stemming
Hands Off
Lolo following toe jam in Joshua Tree. She had just started climbing that spring. Within a year she was leading 11's
Toe Jam
Resting after a hard day of climbing in Yosemite. We had been climbing for a week straight by that point and 
                            were feeling pretty happy with ourselves
Evening beer
Lisa on Serenity Crack in Yosemite. This was before the 10D crux, which I flailed on
Serenity crack
Chris 4 pitches up in Yosemite. We had an epic later that day and had to remember how to do a z-pulley rescue
Serenity Crack
Chris and Lisa high above the Yosemite valley floor in 2009. A guy couldn't ask for two better partners
Serenity Crack
My son Clint following After 6 in Yosemite. Though rated only 5.6, it's been polished for 40 years and feels much
                            harder in places
Clint in Yosemite
My son Clint following After 6 in Yosemite
Clint in Yosemite
Marty following Banana Peel in Squamish September 2015. This severely run-out route is easy but very heady
Banana Peel
Marty following a 5.9 on the Squamish Apron. We had planned to top out on the Chief that day but did not have enough time
Saint Vitus
Jacklyn happy to be on top of the cheif on her first try
Summit of the Cheif
Jacklyn happy to be on top of the cheif on her first try
Squamish view!
Deidre route at Squamish
Deidre Squamish
Fletch on Ancient Art Fisher Towers Moab
Fisher Towers
Me leading Ancient Art
Fisher Towers Ancient Art
Lisa following Ancient Art
Ancient Art
Summit of Castleton Tower Spring 2021, Moab
Me, summit Castleton
View from summit of Castleton Tower Moab spring 2021
Moab from summit
first of three 60 meter rappels off Castleton Tower, Moab
Rappelling Castleton
Vitaly Castle Rock
Vitaly Castle Rock
Vitaly Castle Rock
Vitaly Castle Rock