Delicate Arch painting

Delicate Arch 16 x 20 oil on board - I painted this pretty piece of rock down in Utah recently. This thing looks like it could fall over at any time but there it stands, like a huge magic trick, year after year. This was a lovely few hours standing at my easel in the best office ever.

Who am I?

I teach web development, and I'm an artist. Truth be told at 64 I've had the time to be many things. Displayed as a list, I am, or have been a:

Purchase my paintings?

I am represented by State of the Arts Gallery in Olympia. They have 5 of my local landscape and structure paintings as of April, 2018. Like many creative types, I would love to paint full time, but it seems to work better as a hobby.

My 2018 New Years resolution is to work full time again in Web Design, either teaching or programming.